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European Union issues RA3 certificate to Turkmenistan's capital airport

European Union issues RA3 certificate to Turkmenistan's capital airport

The European Union issued RA3 (Regulated Agents Third country) certificate to the capital airport of Turkmenistan. The announcement about the completion of the certification process was published by the Turkmenhovayollary Agency on its official website. In the future, this will greatly simplify the organization of air cargo transportation from Ashgabat to the EU member states.

The certification inspection of Ashgabat airport was conducted by the German Federal Civil Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) in accordance with the assignment of the European Agency for the Safety of Air Travel (EASA). The certificate TM/RA3/00001-01 was issued in September last year.

The RA3 certificate certifies the absolute compliance of the Ashgabat Airport Cargo Terminal with all the EU air safety requirements for mail and cargo consignments to and from EU countries and for those that transit through them and are sent from non-EU countries. They cover the entire cycle, from the moment the cargo or postal item is accepted until it is received by the airline.

In accordance with the EU requirements in force since July 2014, all cargo shipped to or through EU countries must have ACCS status, and it must be carried out in a tested and approved sequence. Turkmenistan Airlines, in cooperation with Ashgabat Airport, has received an extension of its ACCS status.

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