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Head of Turkmenistan Approves State Budget 2021

On October 24, the Leader of the Turkmen Nation signed the main financial document of the country - The state budget for next year in the amount of 79509.6 million manat (about $22.7 billion).

As we have already reportedover 70% of these funds will go to social servicesThe State Budget-2021 was focused on salaries, pensions, allowances and stipends. Wages, pensions, benefits and stipends were defined as protected items in the State Budget-2021.

Size centralized budget The budget of the country was approved in the amount of 7,075 million manats (approximately $20.7 billion), including 2,638.4 million manats, which will be directed to support the provinces. The Dashoguz province will get the most money in 2021 - 1,347.6 million manats. Amount local budgets The Lebap region is the leader with a budget of 2,064.8 million manats.


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