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The Global Gas Center is ready to promote gas from Turkmenistan

Manual Global Gas Center (GGC) has announced its intention to promote gas from Turkmenistan on the European and Central Asian markets. As stated Valerie Ducrot, executive director of the organizationThe GGC representative praised Turkmenistan's gas potential in her online presentation. A GGC representative praised the country's gas potential in her online speech at International Conferenceon sustainable cooperation in the energy sphere.

Valerie Ducrot on behalf of GGC also expressed readiness to cooperate with the Turkmen oil and gas industry to promote gas produced in Turkmenistan to the European and Central Asian markets.

According to her, it is gas that is an important component to protect the environment and national security of states. That's why it should be made available to allwho intend to consume it, and no political differences can hinder the transition to low-carbon energy.

Noting that Turkmenistan, by its natural gas reserves are ranked 4th in the worldMs. Ducrot added that the state is constantly improving the structure of its exports, forming a multi-vector system and gradually reaching the position of one of the the world's most important suppliers. In addition, a number of large-scale projects are being implemented in the country, which may well result in Turkmenistan becoming a major an energy bridge between the West and the East.

Today, even in spite of the negative impact of the global pandemic on the world economy, gas and related projects continue to be in demand, and it is these projects that could later become the basis for economic recovery.


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