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Exports of light petroleum products from TKNPZ totaled 1.15 million tons in 2019

According to D. Ovezov, deputy director for production at TKNPZ, in 2019 their company exported 1.15 million tons of light oil products. In this case, we are talking about gasoline and diesel fuel, which fall under this category. The Turkmenbashi complex refineries is the front-runner in this area.

Most Last year diesel fuel accounted for more than 793,600 tons of exports, of which 351,500 tons were refined products. The Company's main export product last year was diesel fuel - 793,600 tonnes, of which 351,500 tonnes was hydrotreated and 45,500 tonnes was ECO-5. thousand tons of ECO-5. Over 354,700 tons of '80, 92 and 95 gasoline were delivered to our foreign partners last year. to our foreign partners last year.

Note, that the head of Nebit-gaz U. Ussayev called gasoline prices in Turkmenistan the lowest in in Central Asian countries. This certainly attracts buyers from around the world. As of the end of 2019, Turkmen gasoline was in 8th place on the list of the cheapest fuel according to

In this connection, the TKNPZ is mastering new technologies and constructing facilities capable of increasing the oil refining depth to 90%. This is made possible by applying innovative technologies and implementing the latest technical solutions in production.


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