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Kawasaki will participate in the management of the Akhal plant

On January 17 the President of Turkmenistan officially approved the signing of a contract with the Japanese company Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd" proposed by the state company "Türkmengaz". The contract relates to the provision of consulting services for the management of the Akhal plant, which produces gasoline and gas.

The construction of this large and The construction of this large and important for the economy of Turkmenistan enterprise was carried out by two companies - Japanese Kawasaki and Turkish Rönesans. The opening took place in June 2019. 2019. The equipment for the Akhal gasoline plant was purchased from leading manufacturers from around the world: England, USA, Holland, France, Sweden, Korea, Japan, India and others.

The plant is expected to be able to produce about 600,000 tons of gasoline, which complies with the ECO-93 standard. The plant will be able to produce about 600,000 tons of Euro-93 gasoline, which complies with European EURO-5 standard, 12,000 tons of diesel fuel and 115,000 tons of liquefied gas per year. year. The enterprise is valued at $1.7 billion.

It is reported that since July 2019, the export of synthetic gasoline was about 50 thousand tons worth more than $23 million. In view of the prospects of this direction, there are discussions at the government level on the construction of the second phase of the gasoline and gas production facility.


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