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The government of Turkmenistan is planning aid to Afghanistan

The Government of Turkmenistan is discussing the program of humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people, who have chosen a strategy of peaceful growth. The relevant document was on the agenda of the last meeting of the Government. It is assumed that the support will be carried out during 2020-2022.

For several years, Turkmenistan has been supplying Afghanistan with electricity and liquefied gas at special tariffs. The transmission is carried out through Imamnazar-Andkhoy and Serhetabat-Herat power lines. Recently, the Rabatkashan-Kalainau transmission line has also been used, which makes it possible to supply electricity to the northern region of the country.

Ashgabat also supports two projects that pass through Afghanistan: the construction of the railway to Tajikistan and the laying of a gas pipeline to Pakistan, India. There are also talks on possible cooperation in the transit of Turkmen electricity through Afghanistan.

Moreover, Turkmenistan's official position has been repeatedly voiced, and it is a willingness to provide political support and space, if necessary, for negotiations to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan.



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