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Chinese corporation develops gas fields in Turkmenistan

CNPC International Corporation (People's Republic of China) continues works to equip gas deposits in Turkmenistan within the Bagtyyarlyk contract area: the second phase of the joint Turkmen-Chinese project has been launched. On the right bank of the Amu Darya River, the production infrastructure of three gas deposits - Gokmiyar, West Djoramergen and Dashrabat - is being implemented.

The project is being implemented by the Turkmen division of CNPC International in cooperation with Sichuan Petroleum Construction. The contract for the work was signed back in May 2020, and its official entry into force was in early June. A gas accumulation station is currently under construction at the West Joramergen gas field. In addition, a 17-kilometer-long (DN250) pipeline has been welded together which will be used for the storage and transportation of the natural gas. The construction of other engineering and technological facilities is in progress.


Due to the global pandemic, all possible operations concerning this program are performed online. This concerns not only the coordination of details or the signing of contracts with subcontractors, but also the procurement of the necessary materials and equipment.

In order to improve the professional skills of 40 Turkmen welders, a month and a half training course was organized. At the moment more than 280 specialists from China and Turkmenistan are working on the construction sites.


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