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China National Petroleum Corporation to become general partner of OGT-2022 in Ashgabat

The international conference "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan" will be held in Ashkhabad on October 26-28. CNPC is the main partner of the forum. The invited delegations will include key market players, scientists, experts and analysts. Discussions will focus on the future of the fuel and energy sector.

The Chinese corporation has a leading position in the energy sector. In 82 countries and regions, the company provides professional services at oil and gas facilities. CNPC started its activities in Turkmenistan in 2007.

The governments of both countries have supported cooperation between China Corporation and Turkmengaz State Concern. The global trend of reducing hydrocarbon emissions creates new opportunities for the transition to natural gas. The consumption of natural gas in the Chinese market is expected to grow steadily. Already now China and Turkmenistan have laid three strings of the pipeline, and the installation of a fourth one is planned. Both sides are set for long-term and promising cooperation.



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