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Chinese New Year: Mass events in Beijing cancelled

On the night of. January 25, 2020, the first new moon of the year, the Chinese New Year is celebrated. В The symbol of the coming year will be the white rat. On this day it is customary to wish a good harvest, or in modern parlance, financial prosperity and career growth. The best gift is considered a red envelope with money, Preferably, the sum should contain the number 8, which means wealth.

Government The Chinese government is giving seven days off until January 30 so that the Chinese can enjoy the holiday to their heart's content. Often this is not enough, and people take another week to spend more time with their families. The New Year's festivities will continue until February 19.

К Unfortunately, this year the authorities had to cancel the massive New Year's events in Beijing this year. These are necessary measures to prevent the spread of the dangerous coronavirus that has been identified in China. Among the cancelled events - Temple fairs, which have become a tradition in the Chinese capital. Museums and parks will follow a new schedule to avoid pandemonium.

Recall that according to the latest information, 630 people were infected with the virus. Outbreaks were reported in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.,

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