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Climate change discussed in Munich

At the Munich Security Conference, the issue of the of the climate crisis and the associated risks that affect all humanity. The participants acknowledged the critical situation on this issue and discussed possibilities for its improvement.

Kent Walker, Google's senior vice president of global themes, emphasized the lack of attention given to climate issues. In his opinion, fires, floods, other cataclysms are clear evidence of the ongoing changes. Mr. Walker called for greater accountability to nature, to unite efforts of both authorities and individuals to prevent the deterioration of the situation. He also noted the importance of developing and implementing new, more environmentally friendly technologies.

Speaking at the conference, secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change P. P. Espinosa said that the world is facing a climate crisis. This is manifested in the economic losses and stress that people are experiencing.

J. Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, also spoke at the meeting. On behalf of the millions of people who support the organization around the world, she expressed deep concern about the growing number of emergencies arising from climate issues. Therefore, it is critical now to examine the risks and take action to prevent irreversible processes and the consequences they will lead to.


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