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Turkmenistan's best etrap for 2019 awarded

In the Turkmen village of Yzgant a ceremony of awarding the best etrap of Turkmenistan by the results of 2019 was held. The announcement of the results took place on February 7, 2020, during the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. In summing up the results were taken into account the successful implementation of the Regional Development Program, the implementation of agreements on the commissioning of social amenities and agreed volume of agricultural products, solving the issues of employment, cultural and leisure activities of the population of the etrap, involvement of country residents in physical culture and sports activities.

After reviewing the data presented at the Cabinet meeting, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov signed an order, according to which the best etrap of the country Geoktepe etrap of Akhal velayat was declared the country's best etrap by the results of 2019. The khyakimlik of the etrap received a cash reward in the amount of $1 million.


According to the program, celebrations in the village of Yzgant in Geoktepe The ceremony began at School No. 27 in the village of Yzgant in Geoktepe, Akhal velayat, where a monument to Berdymukhamed Annayev, the grandfather of the current President of Turkmenistan, was erected. monument to Berdimuhamed Annaev, grandfather of the current President of Turkmenistan. The participants of the celebration paid tribute to the memory of the outstanding teacher and patriot warrior, by laying flowers at his monument. This was followed by a theatrical performance, a demonstration of the country's textile and agricultural industry of the country, as well as a large-scale song and music performance, sporting events, and a demonstration of the best representatives of the famous Turkmen Alabai dog breed.

Honoring the winner in the category of the best etrap of Turkmenistan by The award ceremony was held at the Palace of Culture named after Myagikul Berdymukhamedov. Berdymukhamedov Myagikuli Palace of Culture. The audience listened to the Turkmen leader's address to the toilers of Geoktepe etrap with the wishes of successful solution of the set tasks and in in the coming years.


In his turn, the khakim of Geoktepe etrap, during the presentation of the award from the Chairman of the National Center of Trade Unions of Turkmenistan, he thanked head of state and assured him that he would continue to work for the benefit of his native country. country.

The award ceremony ended with a festive concert by masters of art. Also in honor of this significant event there was a distribution of festive toi-sadaka.



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