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Licorice root will help provide Turkmenistan with activated carbon

Scientists at the Turkmen Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences have proposed an innovative way to process licorice waste to produce activated carbon. The development has been patented State Service for Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of our country.

So, on the Agrocomplex Bujan (Lebap region), after obtaining concentrate from licorice root, there remains a waste product - meal, which is stored, burned or used as a fertilizer. Thanks to the invention of Turkmen chemists, this raw material can be used to produce domestic activated carbon.

Many sectors of the country are interested in this in the first place, medicine, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. In addition, activated carbon is widely used in modern water filters and is also used in the technological process of gas processing.


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  • Scientists of the Turkmen Institute of Chemistry have done very promising and necessary work. Special thanks to the head of the institute and the researcher who was in charge of this project.