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Youth of Turkmenistan are invited to demonstrate their views on the Silk Road

Youth of Turkmenistan are invited to demonstrate their views on the Silk Road

Young people of Turkmenistan are invited to participate in a photo contest, demonstrating his view of the Silk Road and its contribution to the development of world history. The International Photo Contest "The Silk Road Through the Eyes of Youth" is held UNESCO.

The photo contest is open to young people in the age of 14 to 17 years old And at the age of 18 to 25 years old. Participants in both age categories will be able to express their creativity and creativity as well as show their individuality through photographs about the important cultural interconnections created by the Great Silk Road.

Not only creative young people living in the countries through which the Silk Road once ran, but also young people who have decided to travel along this historic route are eligible for the photo contest. The photos themselves will serve as a tool to highlight the enormous contribution of the Silk Road to world history.

In 2021, young photographers are invited to tell their work about the shared heritage of the Silk Road. The photo contest will be held on topics such ashow "Dance and Music", "Varieties of sports and games that have become a tradition.", "Dish and food release".

At the end of the second competition, three winners will be selected, who will receive a sponsored trip to the awards ceremony. The lucky first place winner will receive professional camera. Whoever comes in second position will get the poluprofessional camera. The contestant, who will be awarded the "bronze", will be marked standard digital camera.

To submit entries for the photo contest, use email - Last day of submission - 24.08.2021.

Fifty of the best photographic works, which most fully reflect the spirit of the photo competition, will be included in a traveling exhibition, which will be held in various places around the world.

A similar exhibit was already held in Turkmenistan in 2018. The event took place during an international conference held in Turkmenistan on the importance of the Great Silk Road for the present and its future development.



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