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900 thousand manats to be raffled off at Independence Day races in Turkmenistan

Today Turkmenistan will host large-scale horse races dedicated to the 31st anniversary of independence. Seven races at different distances will be held in the International Akhalteke Horse Racing Complex, the total prize fund of which will amount to 900 thousand manat.

In the first three heats of the competition 3-year-old horses will compete at a distance of 1600 meters, in the 4th-5th heats 4-year-old horses will compete at 1800 meters and in the 6th-7th heats, at a distance of 2200 meters. The horse that wins the final race will receive the main prize of the races - the main prize of the President of Turkmenistan.

We should add that horse races are one of the Turkmen people's favorite holiday traditions. They accompany practically all holidays, toi. In addition, each region of the country has its own equestrian complex, where twice a year - in spring and Autumn, there are horse races.

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