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Production of salt stove established in the east of Turkmenistan

Individual enterprise "Sabyr, Timur Taşewler" (STT) in Koytetdagh etrap of Lebap velayat has established the production of salt slabs. This was reported by the newspaper Türkmen gündogary on December 22.

Only local raw materials are used in the manufacturing process of the new products. A tile with a thickness of 2.5 cm weighs on average 2.20 kg. The company produces about 1,000 products per day.

- More than 100 employees work at the company," said Shokhrat Khaiydov, head of the company's workshop.

In the workshops, the tiles are packed into packages of 10 pieces each, which are then sent to consumers in the local market. The salt tiles are widely used for therapeutic purposes, including the recently opened Bagabat sanatorium in Akhal Velayat.

The company also has an extensive production of wall and ceiling gypsum plasterboard, which are supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

Equipped with advanced Chinese equipment, the shops are designed to produce up to 15 packages of drywall per shift. Each package consists of 55 sheets of 3 square meters each. The thickness of the sheet is 9.5 mm.

It should be noted that the company currently sends its products mainly to the CIS countries, but plans to significantly expand the geography of exports.

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