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President of Turkmenistan presents first graders with computers

On the eve of the New Year, all first-graders in Turkmenistan received high-tech gifts on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. This was reported on December 21 by the Turkmenistan: Golden Age online edition.

The ceremonies were attended by members of the Mejlis, representatives of educational institutions, NGOs and political parties.

- These are laptops developed by the Agzybirlik Tilsimaty JV. The technical specifications of the machines meet the world standards. The program loaded into them performs various educational functions and has three language versions: Turkmen, Russian and English," the report says.

The training computers provide all possibilities for children of different age categories, the technical indicators are increased and the software is improved. The design and configuration of the computers was developed by Turkmen and Chinese specialists.

- All of our youngest students have become owners of personal computers, which were handed to them in a festive atmosphere on behalf of the leader of the nation, which became a kind of symbol for the active participation of the younger generation in addressing important national issues related to the global digitalization. Faces of our first graders are shining with happiness, they are very pleased to become owners of personal gadgets, receiving them as a gift from the leader of the nation," said Lachin Khydirova, head of academic affairs at Ashgabat specialized school No. 21.

It should be reminded that all conditions are created in the country for the younger generation to achieve impressive achievements. Personal computers as gifts have been given to first graders in Turkmenistan every year since 2011.

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