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The winners of the Türkmeniin Altyn asyry Presidential Prize were named

More than 150 winners of the Türkmeni Altyn asyry (Golden Age of Turkmens) creative contest announced in honor of the 31st anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence. The names of the winners are published in of today's issues of Turkmen newspapers.
The annual competition was held in 12 categories:

  • best articles and essays;
  • the best short stories, translations, novels and novels;
  • the best books, publishing products and design and decoration works;
  • a series of the best TV and radio shows;
  • the best movies, stage productions and performances;
  • the best performances of dance, folklore and song-music ensembles;
  • high singing performance skills;
  • high musical performance skills;
  • the best song and music pieces;
  • high level of organization of cultural events;
  • the best works of fine and decorative art, photographs,
  • craftsmanship and design and decoration work;
  • the best carpets, rugs and felt mats.

By decree of Turkmen President Serdar Berdymukhamedov, the winners of the creative competition received gold chains and 3,500 manats.

Creative collectives, groups, ensembles were awarded cash prizes of 10,500 manat, and the brigades that wove the best carpets received from 8,400 and 70,000 manat.

A total of 407,400 manats was allocated for prizes from the Turkmen President's Charity Fund for the winners.

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