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Turkmenistan's oilmen increase oil and gas production

According to the results of eight months of work, Turkmenistan's oil workers provided an increase in oil and gas production in the current year. This means that the activities carried out by the State Concern "Turkmennebit" in order to increase the productivity of the current fields and search for new ones are yielding the desired results.

According to the data presented, specialists of the State Concern have been 8 months 2020 year was 2.617 million tons of oil produced. This is 106.2% more the indicators of the same period of the previous year. Natural gas in the first eight months of this year, the production of 415 million cubic meters morethan in the corresponding period a year earlier.

Achievement of positive growth dynamics was ensured by joint efforts of geologists, scientists, engineers and other specialists of the enterprise. Application of modern oil and gas production equipment and technologies made it possible to achieve high indicators in such departments of SC "Turkmennebit" as "Keymir", "Galkynyshnebit" and "Gumdagnebit".

Drillers from "Nebitdag", "Ekerem", "Korpedje" and other departments also showed significant results for the eight-month period. They have penetrated 146.527 thousand meters of rocks, which is three times higher than the same period of the previous year.

No less qualitative according to the results of the past 8-month period was the activity of the workers of the trust "Nebitgazchykarysh". They have repaired a considerable number of wells, of which 347 was put back into service. The increased efficiency of the rehabilitated wells allowed for increased oil production - 138 tons of oil were extracted from the ground instead of the expected 134.2 tons.

Thanks to advanced technologies and innovative equipment, the Turkmen oil industry was able to raise its activities to a new level.


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