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French businessmen interested in partnership with Turkmenistan

During the online meeting, representatives of the organization MEDEF International (France) expressed their interest in expanding and strengthening their partnership with Turkmenistan. Neil McCain also participated in this event, Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), responsible for working with Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, as well as Orazmyrat Gurbannazarov, head of Turkmenistan's Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relationsco-chairing the of the Turkmen-French Commission on interaction in the economic sphere.

In the course of the web-conference the review of Turkmenistan's indicators in the economic sphere took place. The priorities of the country in the segment of infrastructure improvement were also considered. The participants of the event exchanged the data on the conditions of mutual cooperation and features of financing of the basic state programs. Information on what the EBRD does and what mechanisms it uses in its activities was presented.

It is emphasized that large-scale deposits of oil and gas are located on the territory of Turkmenistan. In addition, the country is also rich in raw material resources. The webinar participants called on the Turkmen government to continue the course of diversification and openness of the Turkmen economy. This should be done even today, despite the fall in oil prices and COVID-19.

It is noted that the Central Asian region continues to strengthen economic integration and reform. This, along with the active participation of global financial institutions, will increase the interest of private foreign capital in Turkmenistan.

Thus, according to Geraldine Lemblé, a representative of MEDEF International, A number of French companies have already expressed an interest in deepening partnerships with their Turkmen counterparts.

The webinar also considered the possibility of organizing a Turkmen-French online forum in the future. In addition to businessmen of both countries, government agencies were also invited to participate. The participants of the event expressed mutual confidence in further expansion of mutual cooperation.


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