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Turkmenistan's Independence through the Eyes of Artists

In honor of the 29th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence The Museum of Fine Arts presents a special exhibition. Through artistic images masters managed to convey the mood of the era of formation and development of our state.

A pair of white swans flying swiftly over the clear water is the work of R. Umarova's "Asulauk" about prosperity, striving forward, perfection. In every stroke one can feel the harmony and inspiration that the author shares with us.

Work "Chuli" by G. Babikov about strength and power, wisdom and beauty, embodied in the image of an old oak tree. According to the artist's friends, one of his favorite places, where the author drew strength, was a magical corner of Turkmen nature - Chuli (now Gokdere).


The work is imbued with the color of Turkmen culture I. Klycheva "Autumn Song. Vivid imagery, emotional presentation, and subtle accents reveal the depth of the values of our people.

A young artist from Dashoguz province M. Kakabaev In his paintings he reveals the beauty of his native land. And in the waters of the Caspian Sea in the picture "The Seagull" by N. Yuriev You can see patterns reminiscent of symbols from ancient chronicles.


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