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A new batch of KAMAZ vehicles was added to Turkmengaz's fleet of special vehicles

The new KAMAZ cementing special equipment was delivered to the tamping department of Turkmengaz. Thanks to their mobility these modern machines will be used in the development of Turkmenistan's oil and gas fields.

The renewal of the vehicle fleet plays an important role in improving the production process and increasing the efficiency of "Turkmengaz". This is confirmed by the results shown by the company: in 8 months. The over-fulfillment of the plan amounted to 15.6% (the amount of work performed - 19 million 988 thousand manats).

New special equipment is successfully used to cement wells at the cementing stage at Galkynysh, Kerven, and Malay sites. For example, at Galkynysh wells (Nos. 267, 301, 317 and 256) cementing units were used for hydrochloric acid treatment of formations, which significantly increased well productivity.


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