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Newcomers of Akhal velayat and Turkmenbashi received keys to modern apartments

On the eve of the 31st anniversary of Turkmenistan's Independence Day, hundreds of Turkmen families received the keys to modern new housing.

In the city of Turkmenbashi, the grand opening of two houses with 52 apartments was held on Sunday. The opening ceremony was attended by members of the administration, workers of culture and art, and residents of the city. The new houses in the seaside city meet high standards of comfort and amenities. The complex has all the necessary infrastructure, children's and sports grounds, covered parking lot.

In the city of Anau, located in the Ahal Velayat, new houses were put into operation in two districts at once. The keys to four four-storey houses with 48 and 64 apartments were given to the newcomers in Turkmenistan Residential Complex. In another district of Anau the new elite housing was given to another 192 happy families.




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