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Five customs points in Turkmenistan connected to the international digital system

The TIR-EPD program for providing preliminary information to customs authorities on goods transported through the international system of customs transit has been launched in Turkmenistan. This is reported by the International Road Union (IRU).

The State Customs Service confirmed that TIR-EPD is fully compliant with Turkmenistan's customs requirements. At present, the information received from it is accepted at five customs points:

Artyk customs post (on the border with Iran);
the "Ferry Terminal" customs point (Turkmenbashi International Sea Port);
Farap Avenue customs post (at the border with Uzbekistan);
Sarakhs Avenue customs point (at the border with Iran);
Karabogaz customs point (on the border with Kazakhstan).

IRU started implementing IT tools in Turkmenistan in July 2020. The TIR-EPD program is expected to be implemented at all customs posts in Turkmenistan by the end of October this year. From 2023 it will be mandatory to provide preliminary information on the movement of goods across the border in Turkmenistan. Therefore, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) recommends that international road carriers start using the TIR-EPD program now to prepare for these changes and speed up customs clearance.

TIR-EPD is a program that allows companies connected via a secure connection and authorized to use the International Customs Transit System to send advance transport information electronically to customs authorities in all destination countries simultaneously. Its use guarantees the authenticity and correctness of the TIR Carnet, and simplifies border crossing and saves customs clearance time.

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