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Chemists presented modern technology for asphalt production at TKNPZ

The Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences (AS) of Turkmenistan presented at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries a new development that improves the quality of road asphalt, which is produced from oil with increased paraffin content. The innovation, created by Turkmen scientists, is included in the plan for the development and improvement of the complex in the coming years.

In the current situation, due to the increase in traffic volume, the requirements to the quality of the road pavement are also increasing. In light of this, the technology created by the specialists of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is very relevant. It makes it possible to obtain road asphalt by distillation of tar in inert gas environment. As a result of the test, carried out using a laboratory apparatus, the residual asphalt has been produced. Its key parameters fully comply with today's high standards. This concerns both viscosity and resistance to temperature fluctuations, springiness and brittleness.

We should also note the fact that the products obtained as a result of distillation - oils and paraffins - can become raw materials for obtaining other products of oil refining. And this, in turn, increases the economic component of the new scientific development.

To date, Turkmenistan has deployed large-scale construction of new highways, so road asphalt of high quality will certainly be in great demand among road enterprises of the country.


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