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The logo of the year is placed on merchandise packages of Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, the logo "Turkmenistan - Home of Neutrality" began to be placed on the packaging of domestic products. The logo can be seen on the packaging of products of Turkmen producers, ranging from food products to textile products of weaving enterprises.

On February 7, at an expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the President of Turkmenistan stressed that it was necessary to create a logo "Turkmenistan - the homeland of Neutrality," and all banquets and receptions should be provided only with domestic products.

The President of Turkmenistan noted that at this time we have reached a level of development where we can provide all activities with the necessary food products produced in our country.

In the Turkmen tradition of choosing the motto of the year neutrality first appeared in 2015. Since that time period, the motto of the new year is proclaimed every year, during which thematic events are held.

2016 was declared the "Year of Honoring Heritage, Transforming the Fatherland," 2017 the "Year of Health and Inspiration," the motto of 2018 the "Turkmenistan - Heart of the Great Silk Road," and 2019 the "Turkmenistan - Motherland of Prosperity."

Putting logos on the packaging of domestic goods for the first time was implemented in 2017. This year Ashgabat hosted the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

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