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Japanese ikebans and kimono were presented in Ashgabat

On February 22-23 in the mall "Berkarar" an event dedicated to the traditions of Japanese culture was held with the participation of Mrs. Yamada Midori, professor of the Ikenobo Institute. The guest from Japan gave a Ms. Yamada Midori, a guest from Japan, held a master class on making ikebans and introduced the audience to the history and The guest from Japan gave a master class on creating floral ikebans and introduced the audience to the history and traditions associated with the national Japanese dress, kimono.

The organizers - the Embassy of Japan Embassy of Japan in Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan - tried to create a traditional atmosphere and move visitors of the center with the help of scenery to the real Japanese city.

For the Japanese, the kimono is not just clothes, it's an entire culture. For different events in life, depending on status, gender, and age, a kimono can tell a lot about its wearer. wearer.

The creation of ikebans occupies a special In the Japanese tradition. The ancient art of forming floral arrangements The art of making flower compositions is governed by special rules that give specific meaning and significance to each floral and their combination with each other.

Thanks to the event, residents and guests of Ashgabat were able to touch the Japanese art, conveying the national spirit, philosophy and wisdom of the people of the Land of the Rising Sun. On this day, one could see with his own eyes the unification of physical form with deep meaning and content.


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