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Turkmenabat factory over-fulfilled production plan

Employees of the Turkmenabat Garment Factory exceeded the production plan by 31%, producing items worth 46,597,409 manats. The Plan-2020 envisaged output of 35,506,179 manats.

The factory mainly produces military uniforms. However, the list of its products also includes clothes for children and adults.

In addition, the company manufactures school bags, which are produced in accordance with the import substitution program. According to the results of 2020, the factory produced more than 1.5 thousand schoolchildren's satchels. In addition, the company is sewing medical masks. The annual quantity of these products exceeded 464 thousand units.

Turkmenabat garment factory provides jobs for 500 people. The enterprise's workers produce high quality domestic products, which are in high demand. Thanks to this, the factory makes a significant contribution to the development of the market economy of Turkmenistan.

Source: Türkmen gündogary newspaper

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