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Swimmers from Turkmenistan will compete for the honorary title of "Olympian" in Tashkent

Swimmers from Turkmenistan have qualified for the international swimming tournament to qualify for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The event takes place in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent April 12-17, 2021.

The tournament is hosted by the Sahovat water sports complex.

The national team consists of three athletes - Merdan Ataev (25 years old), Musa Jalaev (18 years old) and Darya Semenova (18 years old). The accompanying coach is Dmitry Novikov, a mentor with many years of experience.

It should be noted that Daria Semenova, representing Turkmenistan, already has experience in the Olympics. In 2016, the then 14-year-old swimmer showed her skills in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, becoming the youngest member of the Olympic team of Turkmenistan.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper

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