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The Embassies of Turkmenistan in Romania and Georgia organized mini-football tournaments

The diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan in Romania and Georgia organized a mini-football competition involving Turkmen and local athletes. In Romania, there was also a table tennis competition among students of a Bucharest university. The events were dedicated to World Health Day.

The event in the Romanian capital was organized by the Turkmen diplomatic mission in cooperation with the Polytechnic University (UPB), which provided its sports complex for the event. Students from different countries, studying at this university, took part in the competition.

Turkmen Ambassador to Romania Annamuhammed Annaev and Rector of the University Mihnea Kostoiu opened the sporting event with parting words to the participants. In their speeches, the speakers emphasized the unifying value of sports.

In the mini-football competition, the "FILS" team made up of international students came out on top. "Silver went to "Ýüpek ýoly" and bronze to "Garaşsyzlyk", which also included students from Turkmenistan. Winners and prize-winners of the competitions were awarded prizes and memorable gifts were given to all participants of the event. Visitors and athletes could also taste the best viands of Turkmen cuisine.

Representatives of the Turkmen diplomatic corps and Georgian athletes took part in the mini-football tournament in Georgia.

During the opening ceremony it was emphasized that in accordance with a UN General Assembly Resolution, this year was proclaimed the International Year of Peace and Trust, and Turkmenistan held it under the slogan "Turkmenistan is a country of peace and trust". It was also noted that Turkmenistan was carrying out comprehensive activities to promote healthy lifestyles, development of high performance sport and strengthening of international cooperation in this area.

In the final of the tournament the winners were awarded commemorative prizes.

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