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The Embassy of Turkmenistan in China organized an international cycling festival

The Embassy of Turkmenistan in China organized an international cycling festival

Turkmenistan's diplomatic mission in China organized an international celebration. The China World Peace Foundation and the International Fund for World Culture also assisted in the event. The celebration was timed to coincide with the World Bicycle Day. The event took place in Beijing, at the Peace Garden Museum.

Opening the festivities, Parahat Durdyev, head of Turkmenistan's diplomatic mission in China, Li Ruo Hong, head of the China World Peace Foundation, and Shahbaz Khan, director of the Beijing UNESCO Joint Office for China, North and South Korea, Japan and Mongolia addressed the audience with a speech.

More than two hundred people took part in the events dedicated to the World Cycling Day. Among them were the heads of 16 diplomatic missions and delegates from the diplomatic missions of 33 states accredited in Beijing.

It is noted that the previously planned high-speed races were cancelled. The reason for this were restrictions imposed by local authorities due to the tragedy that occurred during the marathon in the province of Gansu. Thus, the participants of the event carried out the race, limited by the limits of the neighborhood King's Garden Villa.

The diplomatic staff also completed the inertia race, in which the delegate of the Mongolian diplomatic mission in China was the champion - he was the longest balancing cyclist. In addition to the special cup, the diplomat from Mongolia also received a Flying Pigeon sports bike.

Representatives of the Beijing Eason Club children's sports school especially impressed everyone present at the event with their demonstrative performances.

In his interview, the head of the Turkmen diplomatic mission touched on current Turkmen-Chinese relations, spoke about the current situation in Turkmenistan, recounted the origins of the current action and elaborated on a number of initiatives of the Turkmen leader aimed at maintaining peaceful and stable development.

Talking with Yun Cheng, head of the Beijing Culinary Association and Weibo, the diplomat informed about the Turkmen leader's book "The Spiritual World of Turkmens," and touched on a number of features of Turkmenistan's national cuisine and habitual ways of cooking.

The key stage of the event was crowned with the celebration of the winners of the race and the presentation of memorable gifts from the Diplomatic Mission and the Foundation, as well as from the patrons of the event. It is worth noting that guests were interested in a set of books authored by the head of Turkmenistan, which were translated into Chinese, and other printing of the Diplomatic Mission.

The second part of the event was marked by a demonstration by the Beijing Culinary Association of various cooking techniques of the national cuisine of the Celestial Empire, accompanied by a tasting.

The event ended with treating all participants with traditional dishes of Turkmenistan - pilaf, pishme, and chekdirme.

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