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President of Turkmenistan addresses congratulations to his compatriots on Victory Day

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sent his congratulations on Victory Day to his compatriots. In his speech timed to the 76th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the head of state noted that, along with other nations, Turkmens displayed courage and heroism in those terrible years. For them, the war lasted 1,418 days and the valiant feat of arms was marked with medals, orders and high ranks of Heroism.

However, not only in the battlefields Turkmenistan citizens showed their best qualities - the toilers of the home front did a lot for the victory. For example, women and even children not only toiled for the soonest reign of peace in the world but also collected and donated 7,392 kilograms of gold and silver to the Defense Fund, demonstrating their willingness to give up material wealth for the sake of the highest goal.

The Turkmen leader emphasized that Victory Day is celebrated in the country at the state level. This holiday is not only a glorious date, but also promotes upbringing of patriotism and self-sacrifice for the Fatherland in the hearts of young people. This year is marked by a number of memorable dates in Turkmenistan. They are the 30th anniversary of independence and 140th anniversary of Ashgabat's foundation. It is also noteworthy that Turkmenistan is celebrating the motto "Turkmenistan is a home of peace and trust", so the Victory Day, the day when the war retreated and peace came to the land again, is particularly important today. In these days, all over the country, a lot of flowers will be laid to the monuments and memorials, and mass cultural events will be held as a tribute to the memory and respect for the military bravery and courage displayed by Turkmenistan citizens on the battlefields.

The head of state noted that Turkmenistan cares about every citizen, but special attention is paid to war veterans. They are not only a living memory of those terrible and majestic days, but with their wise instructions they bring up high moral qualities in young people. The President stressed that the country is working purposefully to improve the living conditions of the population. In honor of the important date, war veterans and widows of heroes will receive gifts.

At the end of his congratulatory message, the Turkmen leader said his country was doing its best to prevent the recurrence of that terrible situation, actively cooperating with foreign countries in strengthening global peace and security. Turkmenistan's active neutrality and principled peacekeeping stance allowed the country to gain high prestige in the international arena. The country will use the achieved position to further fruitful cooperation with other countries and international organizations.

Concluding his address, the head of state wished his people peace, happiness and prosperity, as well as good health.


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