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Turkmenistan's president talks about preventing infectious diseases in the country

Turkmenistan's president talks about preventing infectious diseases in the country

President of Turkmenistan in an interview with the head of MTRK Mir noted that in the early days of the global pandemic COVID-19 Turkmenistan prepared a national strategy to combat infectious diseases, covering a set of organizational, legal, financial, economic, medical, sanitary-epidemiological and quarantine activities. A commission to combat infectious and dangerous infectious diseases has been set up in the country to ensure the effective implementation of activities in this area. In addition, an operational headquarters has been formed that relies on government agencies of Turkmenistan in its activities.

It is noted that Turkmenistan has gradually strengthened its border, migration and customs regimes and limited air traffic with other states.

COVID-19 testing and quarantine measures are applied to persons arriving in Turkmenistan.

Turkmen scientists are working on the development of treatment methods for a variety of infectious diseases. A significant emphasis in the health care system is placed on preventive and educational measures. Temperature control and strict hygiene are in place at enterprises, organizations and institutions. Shopping centers, markets, transportation, educational institutions, and other public places are thoroughly disinfected. Phytosanitary control and veterinary surveillance are also carried out with heightened vigilance.

At the same time, the government is aware of the need to maintain stable economic ties with its partners. To maintain stable trade and economic relations and comply with all sanitary and epidemiological norms, disinfection and fumigation terminals that meet high international standards have been built at border checkpoints.

At the moment, Turkmenistan is carrying out mandatory vaccination of citizens against 14 infectious diseases. It was also previously noted that large batches of COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Turkmenistanand the state is ready for full-fledged vaccination in this area.

Activities to combat infectious diseases continue: new health centers are being built, the medical system as a whole is being improved, drugs and advanced equipment are being purchased, and an integrated program to improve the immunity of the population and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. All of the above-mentioned measures eventually produce an overall positive result in the fight against various diseases.



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