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Coronavirus prevention in Turkmenistan continues

According to the State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH), at yesterday's working meeting, the President of Turkmenistan instructed government agencies to analyze the state of health in Turkmenistan. In this regard, special groups of medical workers will be organized in cities and etraps of the country. First of all, preventive medical examinations will be carried out in kindergartens, schools and higher educational institutions of the country. Тurkmenistan continues to host Preventive measures to prevent the entry of coronavirus COVID-19 to the territory of the country. Appropriate preventive measures of a sanitary and hygienic nature have been launched.

It is worth noting that timely measures taken by the government to prevent the penetration of the coronavirus infection are having an effect - not a single case of the new COVID-19 virus has been registered in Turkmenistan.

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