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UNDP and Turkmenistan's Civil Service Academy have created a master's course

The Digital Governance Master's Program was developed by UNDP in partnership with the Civil Service Academy under the President of Turkmenistan. Twenty specialists, who are employees of ministries and departments of our country, took the test course.

A. Danatarov, UNDP programme expert, noted that the training complex was developed together with competent lecturers of the Academy of State Administration under the President of Belarus. The UNDP expert also stressed that the organization is a long-standing partner of the Academy, and the cooperation has already resulted in the development strategy of the institute and strengthening of cooperation with similar institutions in the region.

The established program for masters covers ten subjects: IT in management, IT in economics, information security and information resources, matemodelling of management decisions, data mining, public administration in information society, change management, public finance and banking management, law in digital management. The training course is designed to build the capacity and knowledge base of employees of ministries and agencies in decision-making with the help of digital solutions and innovative management.

Berdyev, coordinator of the partnership project between UNDP and the Academy, emphasized that one of the goals of the course is to ensure that students successfully adapt their knowledge of how to use IT tools in real government practice.


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