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A poultry farm in Turkmenistan's Mary province produces up to 70,000 eggs a day

The poultry farm of individual entrepreneur A. Orazmammedov, which is located on the territory of 10 hectares in Mary province of Turkmenistan, produces about 60-70 thousand eggs per day. This was reported by Rysgal.

The enterprise is a member of SPP Turkmenistan - it is a modern poultry complex, which consists of three sectors. At the moment the complex contains 86 thousand chickens.

90 hectares of the 100 hectares allocated to the entrepreneur in the long-term ownership are used for planting fodder crops for poultry. Corn, barley and soybeans are grown.

Jobs for 50 employees were created at the poultry farm. The eggs produced at the plant are sold to retailers in the domestic Turkmen market under the Kekeç brand.


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