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North Goturdepe wells in Turkmenistan have produced a commercial flow of oil

State Concern "Turkmennebit" continues to develop the North Goturdepe field - the crews of the "Goturdepe" Drilling Works Department received oil production at the 317th well on the industrial scale. The industrial development of the field and the territories adjacent to it is carried out at an accelerated pace, as evidenced by the productive penetration of well No 317, the projected depth of which is 5 km.

As a result, reaching the mark of 4.965 km, "Goturdepe" specialists got a massive inflow of "black gold". The daily flow rate is 100 tons, which agrees with the assessment of the field given by the specialists of the Nebitgazylmytaslama Institute. It is also interesting that the oil inflow was received from the field belonging to Pliocene (lower red-colored strata).

Development of the field is carried out on the basis of the contract signed with the Singapore company "Yug-Neftegaz". To drill the well Turkmen specialists used Chinese drilling rig Zj-70 DB.

Currently, active drilling is underway at two wells in North Goturdepe: No. 331 (projected depth - 4.860 km) and No. 250 (projected depth - 5 km). Drilling of these wells has moved to the final stage and a commercial flow of black gold is expected in the near future.


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