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Today is World Health Day in Turkmenistan

April 7 was proclaimed World Health Day in 1950. On the occasion of the holiday, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov sent his greetings to Turkmenistanis. He noted that the development of sports and support for healthy lifestyles are important tasks that are being implemented in the state. The leader emphasized Turkmenistan's cooperation with international organizations in this sphere, namely the WHO, the UN Children's Fund and the UN Population Fund.

Today various sport events are organized in Turkmenistan, in particular a large-scale bicycle rally in all regions of the country. In Ashgabat, led by the President of the country, 3.5 thousand people will ride bicycles, and about 7 thousand citizens across the country want to take part in the rally.

Thousands of Turkmenistani citizens are celebrating the holiday today, starting from students of sports schools and ending with enthusiasts of active way of life who do physical exercises in parks and squares. The capital's residents will be able to see performances by rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics athletes and enjoy mini-football, volleyball, boxing tournaments, judo and freestyle wrestling contests.



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