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A student from Turkmenistan is the winner of the Youth Peace Prize Grand Prix

A student from Turkmenistan, Shukurgeldy Myradov, won the Grand Prize of the Youth Peace Prize. The student competed in a public speaking competition held during the PyeongChang Peace Forum (Peace Forum 2021) project in the Republic of Korea. The competition was held in PyeongChang.

The key topic of the conference was the discussion of preserving and keeping peace among young people in the context of the United Nations. A Turkmen schoolchild offered theses of his own essay, the purpose of which was to further develop tasks in the field of peacemaking.

The eleventh-grader's initiatives were not ignored and received worldwide support. As a result, he was awarded the Grand Prize of the Youth Peace Prize by a majority vote. The Turkmen student was also awarded 2 million South Korean Won, with which he will be able to realize his peacemaking plans. In addition, the Ashgabat school student was invited to participate in training aimed at improving his skills in the protection of human rights and achieving sustainable development goals.

Shukurgeldy himself has successfully represented his country at various foreign forums more than once. He perfectly knows five foreign languages and can freely express his thoughts in them. At the same time, the pupil of the capital's school managed to graduate from the Academy of Preventive Diplomacy and become a volunteer of the Y-PEER youth network. In the future, the young man sees himself as a student in the Department of International Relations and plans to further improve his leadership skills.

As an activist and enthusiast, Shukurgeldy notes that he is very close to the theme of building peaceful relationships and involving the younger generation in the realization of these tasks. In particular, during the PyeongChang competition, which was held in hybrid mode, the eleventh-grader presented 10 full-fledged ideas-solutions. They used not only a creative approach, but also inclusive methods. It will allow to involve in the cause of peacebuilding also children with limited physical abilities. In addition, he managed to successfully pass the interview, answering all the questions of the jury.

Shukurgeldy Myradov has not yet decided what to spend the prize money on. Teachers and coaches will help him decide which idea should be implemented first, because they also contributed to his victory.


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