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Swiss company will help Turkmenistan to protect itself from counterfeit

The Swiss holding SICPA SA, headed by CEO Philip Amon signed with the Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan a Memorandum of Strategic Partnership and mutual understanding. SICPA SA is known in the world as a company for marking goods protective marks.

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The main purpose of the cooperation is to ensure control over the security of imports and exports. The main purpose of cooperation is to ensure the security of supplies of imported and exported goods. In this Memorandum, the parties recorded their In this memorandum, the parties documented their intention to use the latest developments in product labeling to protect The memorandum stipulates the parties' intention to use the latest developments in product labeling to protect against counterfeit deliveries.

Photo: Y. Shkurin,

The volume of Turkmenistan's foreign trade Turkmenistan last year is estimated by the IMF at about $17.9 billion ($12.5 billion exports and $5.4 billion imports), in 2018 - about $16.9 billion ($11.6 billion exports and $5.3 billion imports). The main foreign partners are: Turkey, China, Russia, Italy, Afghanistan, and the UAE.

Photo: Y. Shkurin,

For Central Asian countries, Turkmenistan is the main supplier of natural gas, and supplies of this fuel also go to Russia and China. For other industries, there is a positive trend, particularly with regard to petroleum products, textiles, petrochemicals, and construction materials. The authorities of Turkmenistan actively support the growth of exports and production of import-substituting products.


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