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Symbol of 2020: Meet the White Metal Rat

Around the world celebrate the arrival of the Eastern New Year, the hostess of 2020 is the White Metal Rat. It is this nimble animal that begins the countdown in the 12-year cycle of the eastern calendar. It will be a little more than a year, and on February 12, 2021, the The year of the White Metal Bull.

In China, the Rat is given the symbolism of wisdom, success, and wealth. Legend has it that the Rat preceded Bull, who came before the Buddha. Therefore, it was she who was the first of the 12 beasts, to have the honor of leading an entire year.

Rat, Despite ambiguous attitudes in the world, is characterized by intelligence, curiosity, resourcefulness. This little beast adapts well to This little beast adapts well to new things, has a keen sense of smell and a quick response, which more than once saves his life in difficult situations. People born under this sign, in general, correspond to These characteristics. In addition, they easily communicate with people, They are considered thrifty and hoarders.

To succeed in 2020, experts advise to pay attention to detail, so as not to miss something important, to be thrifty, listen to your intuition. Rat's favorite colors: silver, white, blue, green, preferably with shine and metallic shimmer.

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