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Sculptures at intersections retain their place in Ashgabat's urban development plan

The sculptures being built at the capital's traffic circles continue to maintain their place in Ashgabat's construction plan. More than 20 architectural monuments have already been erected at the intersections of the city's main streets. Ten of them are located at the traffic circle on Nurmukhammed Andalyp Street.

Currently, the city is building two more new monuments at "traffic circles. A bicycle monument at the intersection of Chandybil and Bekreve Avenues is expected to be completed this May. Last Sunday, President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov inspected the construction of the monument, which is being erected by the local construction company Sport Ýyldyzy.

Another structure is under construction at the intersection of Saparmurat Turkmenbashi and Atamyrat Niyazov avenues. The project by the contractor Nusaý Ýollary is expected to be completed in September this year. The octagonal monument to be installed at this intersection resembles the Bagt Koshgi Civil Registry Office in the capital city by its shape and design (Turkm. The Palace of Happiness).

The "Ýanardag" monument along N. Andalypa Street was one of the first to open in 2014. Five monuments along this street were completed by December 2016, and the remaining four were unveiled in early 2017.

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