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"Turkmentelecom launches "Colocation" service

Turkmentelecom" announced a new service - "Colocation", which provides the ability to place the client's server in a special data center of the Turkmen telecommunications company.

The essence of the service is that the provider provides installation, connection to power, setting up Ethernet ports, as well as the necessary professional maintenance of the server equipment provided by the customer.

An integrated approach to the placement of equipment in "Turkmentelecom" allows to relieve customers from the cares associated with the search and selection of suitable premises that meet the requirements for the installation of servers, in particular with regard to air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply.

For the convenience of users on the company's website posted a calculator for the service "Colocation", through which you can quickly calculate the cost for individual needs of the customer. The minimum price of this service for one month is currently 5950 manat. You can sign a contract with "Turkmentelecom" for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.




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