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Championship of Turkmenistan in aeromodeling was held

The first aeromodelling competition of the year took place near Ashgabat - not only boys, but also adult athletes competed in the Turkmen aeromodelling championship.

The first to show their skills were the athletes with radio-controlled models of gliders. Four masters of sport competed for the title of Turkmenistan's champion. The gliders had to stay in the air for at least 8 minutes and then land at a given point. The number of points scored depended on the length of time in the air and accuracy of landing. As a result, the winner was Sakhat Kuliev, a multiple national champion, who was not hindered even by a strong wind. The second and third places were divided between masters of sports Sergey Obraztsov and Rafael Mustafin.

In the next stage of the competition, pupils of aviamodelling circles were able to show themselves. Young aviation designers from the capital's flying clubs, as well as from Mary and Akhal velayats came to the championship. Kerim Nazarov, a representative of the Ashgabat Aero Club, won the contest. Ruslan Avetisov, a student of one of the Ashgabat schools and the youngest of the aviamodelling sportsmen, was declared the winner among the owners of rubber-engine models.

There were some designs that surprised the audience. So, Igor Feld presented a model of a radio-controlled jet plane. The modeler's design managed to perform some elements of aerobatics during the flight. The Flying Wing created by Haji Tuchkus also looked unusual. And Murad Ataev, who is one of the oldest aircraft modelers in the country, demonstrated a radio-controlled model of Yak-18.

The winners and prizewinners received diplomas and awards, and representatives of the Ashgabat Aero Club of the Ministry of Defense were awarded a challenge cup.


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