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Observer status: Turkmenistan has submitted a request to the WTO

On May 15, at the government session in Ashgabat, the Turkmen leader supported the proposal of the WTO Legal Commission and approved the resolution "On Turkmenistan's accession to the WTO as an observer.

This is one of the important steps envisaged for the economic integration of the country with the international community, strengthening market relations and implementation of the "Program for the development of Turkmenistan's foreign trade for 2020-2025".

On the basis of the adopted document, Turkmen diplomats sent a letter to the head of WTO R. Azevêdo with an application for accession to this organization in the status of observer. According to the established regulations, consideration of this request of our country will be discussed at the next meeting of the WTO General Council.

WTO was created on January 1, 1995 to create favorable conditions for the development of international trade and regulate trade and political cooperation between countries in the organization.


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