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Narendra Modi's strategy to fight COVID-19 is paying off

In the face of a pandemic, the Prime Minister of India Narendrа Maudie The country is implementing its own model of combating COVID-19 which may prove useful to other states.


At first glance, as of October 6, India has the second highest COVID-19 infection rate (6.68 million) after the United States and the third highest number of deaths (103,600) after the United States and Brazil. However, when calculating the number of cases and deaths per 1 million population The epidemiological picture in India looks much better.

The United States, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom are the countries that are among the top 15 most infected countries, while having a high level of medicine. The number of cases of infection per million of the total population of these countries is 14,316, the number of deaths - 481.8. Whereas in India the figures are significantly lower - 4,830 and 75, respectively.

N. Modi's antiviral model, which is being implemented in India:

  1. Rapid response to the threat at the government level.
  2. Introduction of quarantine at an early stage of virus spread.
  3. A model of shared compliance. The Prime Minister himself sets an example of responsibility by wearing a mask in his public appearances.
  4. Increasing the capacity of the production of PPE to 0.5 million sets per day, increasing the number of tests conducted to 1.5 million tests per day.
  5. Increase in the number of insulators up to 1.5 million, beds with oxygen support up to 250,000.

Timely, effective measures not only saved lives, but also minimized the impact on the economy, which began to show a positive recovery in September.


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