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A student from Turkmenistan received 3.5 thousand rewards from Apple $

A student from Turkmenistan, Almaz Seyidov, found a system error in the Iphone, for which he received from Apple $ 3.5 thousand rewards.

The young man is a student in the Mathematics Department of Kastamanu University in Turkey. Almaz Seyidov came to Turkey two years ago for higher education. And around the same time he got an unusual hobby - searching for system bugs in Apple programs. Previously, the young man had already managed to find flaws in the software used in the products of the world-famous brand. Then the problem was found in the phone of Almaz's friend. And for this the student also received a reward, but a more modest one - 250 Turkish liras.


The young man decided to continue his research - and now he has reported his new find to Apple. It all started when Almaz used the App Store app to download another game that interested him. When he logged out and logged back in, he found that the device had locked up and was freezing. Deciding to restart the phone and repeat the download again, the user encountered an identical problem. Then he realized that he was dealing with a system error and reported this to the manufacturer. Apple took note of the information, and the vigilant student was given a reward of 25,000 lire, which equals $ 3,500.

In an interview with Hurriyet, Almaz Seyidov said that he is not going to stop there. He intends to continue looking for system bugs not only on other Apple devices, but also on gadgets manufactured by other companies. The young man also noted that he has never heard of anyone finding such bugs in Turkmenistan. Therefore, he is proud to be the first representative of his homeland, who found such a serious error and was rewarded for it.


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