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A student from Turkmenistan won the International Russian Language Olympiad

Mekan Chariev, a student from Turkmenistan studying at the Saratov National Research Institute in the Department of Geography, received a first-degree diploma at the International Russian Language Olympiad for foreign students.

The event was organized by St. Petersburg State University. State support for the Second International Olympiad was also provided by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

The participants were assigned a number of tasks. They had to be tested on grammar and vocabulary of the Russian language, to work with texts in order to properly understand the key idea of the author, to understand the plot and the nuances of the works, to give written answers to a number of questions, to perform creative exercises of high level of complexity, etc. And all of this in a limited amount of time.

The organizers of the event report that more than 9.5 thousand people representing 150 countries of the planet took part in the online Olympiad. The participants were divided into several age categories. First category includes high school students aged 12 to 16 years old - 4826 people, second category includes students aged 17 to 30 years old - 4723 people. There were 945 participants: 527 from the first group and 418 from the second one.

Mekan Charyyev himself notes that the Olympiad was a great opportunity for him to test his level of knowledge. He liked the tasks he had to cope with and was very happy when he came in first place. The Turkmen student thanked the organizers of the event as well as his teacher.

Another student from Turkmenistan, who acquires knowledge at Saratov State University, became a participant in this Olympiad and took third place. This is Zarina Hugaeva. Senior lecturer of the Institute of Philosophy and Life Sciences L.G. Navasartyan was in charge of preparing the Olympic medalists.

Saratov University also received a commendation from the head of the Language Testing Center - it was noted that the foreign students had an excellent degree of preparation.

The winners of the competition received not only diplomas, but also textbooks on the Russian language. They also got an opportunity to take a free guest test in Russian as a foreign language (TRKI). To do this, they should visit St. Petersburg by the end of this year.


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