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Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation signed a treaty on non-deployment of first weapons in space

The heads of foreign ministries of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation signed a joint agreement on the non-deployment of weapons in outer space. This information was made public by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry described the document as another step toward consolidating the efforts of countries to prevent an arms race in space. This is fully in line with the aspirations of the global international initiative on the NSC.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation noted that the above initiative today acts as a significant political incentive to guarantee equal and holistic security for all. It also increases the predictability and consistency of countries' actions in the exploration and peaceful use of outer space, being the only measure of political transparency and trust in modern conditions.

In their Joint Statement, both sides stressed the need for a global agreement between the states that would prohibit the placement and use of weapons in space. Turkmenistan and Russia called on other countries that have not yet joined the NGO-K initiative to consider joining it in its full format.


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