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Students of Turkmenistan win 22 medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad

The students of Turkmenistan have worthily represented their country at the International Mathematical Online Olympiad. The event, organized by the Ariel State University of Israel, is already the 15th in a row. This time students from Turkmen universities won 22 medals of different importance.

"Gold", in accordance with the decision of the jury of the competition, was awarded to TGASI team, headed by student Dzhepbar Asgarov.

Other national teams in Turkmenistan have 11 silver and 10 bronze medals. Among the winners are teams from the Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli, the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan (Mary city), the Turkmen Agricultural Institute (Dashoguz city), the IMO of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry, the S. Seidi Turkmen State Institute (Turkmenabad city), MUGNiR, IIT&T&T, the Oguzkhan ITU.

The competition was divided into two parts. One was a team blitz, and the other was a team excellence. The language of the contest, in addition to Russian and English, was also Hebrew.

American, British, Indian, Israeli, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Czech and Romanian students, a total of 100 teams comprising over four hundred students from 10 countries, tried their hands in the mathematical competition. The representatives of nine universities defended with dignity Turkmenistan's honor. There were also representatives of British Oxford University, Romanian University of Iasi named after A.I. Kuza, Russian Plekhanov University of Economics and Moscow State University named after Lomonosov.

The jury of the Olympiad identified 86 best mathematics students from the participating states, who were awarded medals in various nominations. Of these, 22 students represent Turkmen universities.



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