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"Türkmen Senet increases spunbond production volumes

Entrepreneurs of "Turkmen Senet" HO are successfully engaged in the production of spunbond, a modern nonwoven material. At present, the capacity of the plant located in the industrial zone of Ak Bugday etrap of Akhal velayat is about 2.5 thousand tons per year.

Spunbond is used in various fields, the most demanded in the pandemic conditions material has become in the medical industry: for sewing clothes, protective masks, shoe covers, disposable surgical kits, etc. Türkmen Senet" assortment includes nonwoven materials of different colors and strength. An important feature of spunbond is its environmental friendliness.

The plant was built last year, and the nonwoven fabric line will be launched in early 2020. The management plans to expand the product range and enter the international market.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan

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